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Dandelion (60 Capsules)

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Dandelion (60 Capsules)


Product Details:


Dandelion 350mg

Astragalus Extract 70mg

Tribulus Extract 70mg

Maca Extract 70mg

Ginseng Extract 70mg

Fenugreek Extract 50mg

Pine Bark Extract 10mg

MSM 40mg

Zinc 5mg



How To Use:

It is recommended to take 2-3 tablets daily before or after meal for adults.



Atlantis Herbals Dandelion Capsule contains Dandelion and mix of other herbs which may help to clean liver and keep them working properly. Dandelion considered as master herb to detox body, Lymphatic system and Kidneys in addition to many benefits for Skin health, Digestive System.




-       Liver & Kidney Cleansing.

-       Liver, Lymphatic and Kidneys Detox

-       Antioxidants and Fight Free Radical (Improve premature aging)

-       Improve Bone Health

-       Control Blood Sugar for diabetic patients.

-       Anti-Inflammatory

-       Improve Skin Health (Eczema, Psoriasis and Skin Infections)

-       Improves Digestive System Health

-       Source for Vitamin K & A

-       Reduce Urinary Tract infections.

-       Bladder Disorders and Kidney Problems




-         Not recommended to use during Pregnancy.

-         Caution with some antibiotics, diuretics and some other drugs(like TCA and antipsychotics)

-         Allergy or hypersensitivity to of ingredients

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