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Relaxation Package

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It is extracted from the lowest area on the earth's surface and from the depths of the Dead Sea, and it is the greatest mineral geological phenomenon. Which makes it the compound richest in natural minerals and by using it on the body it nourishes the cells with the important minerals needed for their regeneration, as the skin gains strong immunity in resisting skin diseases related to weak skin cells such as psoriasis, rheumatism and cracked feet.

As for aesthetics, it reduces wrinkles by burning the fats close to the surface of the skin, which adds freshness and smoothness to the shape of the body in addition to it helps in improving the performance of blood circulation and ridding the body of fatigue and back pain.


It’s a natural Dead Sea salts, easy to use, when the contents of the bag is dissolved in the bathtub, you will start to feel relaxed & your body will begin to absorb the natural elements that helps in getting rid of tension & stress, it also gives you a sense of comfort. It’s available in several colors & natural scents

How to use

Dissolve the contents of the bag in to your bathtub or Jacuzzi with warm water, relax & enjoy the effect by remaining in the bathtub for 15-20 minutes, after that rinse with lukewarm water (Don’t Use Soap).Albatros Body Lotion is Recommended For A Healthy & Smooth Skin

How it works

Nutrients and minerals help reset your skin’s inner balance and ensure every bath leaves you feeling refreshed with incredibly soft skin.it also helps to detoxify and hydrate skin while bathing in our naturally therapeutic bath treatment Soak in the benefits of 100% natural minerals and nutrients found in Dead Sea bath salts, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium it also Helps you to relax and smooth your body. Relieve most skin problems such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. It stimulate blood circulation and Helps to minimize aches in joints and feet, rheumatism pains and arthritis


Mud soap includes the benefit of the high value of the Dead Sea mud, natural oils and other valuable and necessary herbal extracts, as it nourishes the skin and stimulates it to permanent renewal, which gives the skin a radiance, vitality and freshness. Use for face and body on a daily basis for all skin types.


It contains a unique formula of natural olive oil, sesame oil and coconut oil with the mineral salts of the Dead Sea to form together a unique natural compound with a high ability to tighten the skin and help get rid of excess oil, impurities and acne. It gives the skin brilliance, vitality and freshness.


Use for face and body. It can be used daily on all skin types.


It contains Dead Sea minerals, apricot seeds and olive oil, which all work to get rid of aging cells, fatty deposits and acne scars and reduce the chances of their appearance. Use for face and body and can be used on a daily basis for healthy, youthful skin. (For all skin types)


Contains olive oil in addition to Dead Sea minerals, which nourish the skin and stimulate the functioning of skin cells. It maintains the ph. level of the skin

It is used on the face and body and can be used daily for all skin types.


Contains sulfur, olive oil, and natural Dead Sea minerals. Helps eliminate acne and works to reduce various skin diseases. And give the skin a radiance, vitality and freshness It is used on the face and body and can be used daily for all skin types


A new and unique compound that we offer to my lady contains a very high density of raw African shea butter, which is considered one of the richest and most important natural moisturizers as it gives the skin a smooth texture and harmonious color and also protects it from drying. The body butter contains papaya, which gives the skin freshness and additional moisture and gives the skin The luster, shine and luminosity, thanks to its containment of antioxidants, it is a great natural moisturizer for those with very dry skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and refreshed and helps to make the skin soft and smooth and prevent it from drying out

Enriched with raw African shea butter

• Strong 24-hour moisturizer

• Nourishes and refreshes the skin

Nourished for 100% healthy skin


The skin cream is a unique formula that is the strongest skin moisturizer that works to moisturize and unify the body color because it contains pure African Shea butter, and it also delays the appearance of wrinkles on the body and helps to hide and remove white stretch marks by using it on a daily basis. It also contains aloe Vera oil (Aloe Vera) works to calm Skin from allergies. It protects from the weather changes that occur on your skin, as well as lightens the color of the skin and increases its freshness and works to hide wrinkles

Contains Shea butter and aloe Vera.

Helps hide stretch marks.

- The strongest natural skin moisturizer.

- Evens skin tone

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