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باكج القوة والثراء

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The latest publications of the Al-Rashed Center team, accurately translated into Arabic, under the supervision of Dr. Salah Al-Rashed


In my latest book, The Power of Eight, I discovered that everything I thought I knew about the power of intention has been turned upside down.

Generally we think of intent in the "I want - I get" way as if the universe is a restaurant, just waiting for our order.

What I discovered is that sometimes “focusing on the intention” has nothing to do with achieving it

Dividing people into groups of eight - learning the best way to work from these groups

I've discovered that people who focus on sending an intent to others, not themselves, also recover.

If you look at the facts about altruism, you will find that there is nothing like it

Like a bulletproof vest to assure a long and healthy life

Even people with sick conditions

When they begin to focus away from themselves and intent on others with similar conditions, they improve

The power of the eight is about restoring ourselves to the state that ancient civilizations have understood and reached for ages

الجذب المغناطيسي للثروة

What happens when you think about money?

What is the difference between awareness of well-being and awareness of scarcity in attracting and earning a lot financially?

How to radically change your feelings about money if you suffer from a financial situation

Do you think that the source of wealth is your work

Learn what real money comes from and how to be able to regenerate it

If you learn the awareness of well-being, you will no longer need anyone to help you with your financial condition

How can a rich person who lost all his money be able to get it back in a matter of months?

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