Our New book: Time Travel by Frederick Dodson - Translated to Arabic       

ترانسيرفينج الواقع

  • Brand: IAPD
  • Publisher: الأكاديمية الدولية للتنمية الذاتية
  • Author: فاديم زيلاند

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Transferring is an effective technique for managing reality. Once a person applies it, his life begins to change precisely according to his desires. When applying Transerve, you are not reaching your goal, but you are making your goal achieve on its own. It is impossible to believe this statement ?! Only at first glance will you discover that the practical evidence for the validity of these theoretical ideas espoused in this book already exists. Those who have practiced transfing have been overwhelmed by the results they have achieved, as the surrounding world begins to change immediately before human eyes, in an inexplicable way.

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