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ألبوم قانون الجذب

  • Brand: Al-Rashed Center
  • Publisher: مركز الراشد للتنمية الاجتماعية والنفسية
  • Author: د. صلاح صالح الراشد

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The Law of Attraction states that whatever happens in your life you have brought it directly or indirectly according to perceived or unaware needs within. In this version, you learn how this law works, what are its foundations and pillars, and what are the evidence (practical, legal, and intellectual) in support of this law? How to program in an easy and smooth way, how to bring about the positive relationships you want, and how to help others improve their life outcomes. The publication includes: (4) cassette tapes - (2) a colored process brochure - a typical programming model - a mental map of the foundations of attraction - a small note of the most important thing in the Law of Attraction.

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