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وقفة مع الذات

  • Brand: Al-Rashed Center
  • Publisher: مركز الراشد للتنمية الاجتماعية والنفسية
  • Author: د. صلاح صالح الراشد

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Life is movement and stillness ... the pursuit of the day after the pension ... and the silence of the night to sleep ... we turn around and forget many things, and we must pause with oneself in order to learn and benefit from what has been missed and look forward to what is to come. A Stand with Self is a developmental album that includes 20 audio hours, in which Dr. Salah Al-Rashed lays out a summary of his knowledge and the juice of his experiences and studies; To deal with important topics in the psychological and social aspects, including: the mind and its strength, anxiety and how to overcome it, the problem of women with men, the happiest and most miserable jobs, and through it we learn many rules such as a rule. It is not important what happens to you, but how do you explain the event, the rule of change starts from Inside, rule of heart misfortune to grant, rule of plenty.

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