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أمسية أهرامات البوسنة وأسرارها

  • Brand: Al-Rashed Center
  • Publisher: مركز الراشد للتنمية الاجتماعية والنفسية
  • Author: د. سام عصماناجيتش

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Explain how the energy appears through the corridors of the pyramid gained from the energy of the sun, and how the homogeneous energy emanating from the corridors and among the natural hills in the Bosnian pyramids works. It explains the electromagnetic radiation and the energy paths that appear from the top of the pyramid, and highlights the accurate and historical facts in energy science, as ancient civilizations were working on building pyramids to generate positive energy in the world, and automatically convert negative energy into positive energy. Explains the disposal of the negative energy that affects the human body and its damage from the three sources.

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