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Package immune booster gift

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A gift set (immune booster) contains the strongest books in addition to the most important natural oils with a guide to their use.

1 – كتاب 101 دليل استخدام الاوريغانو:

Free from dozens of diseases and learn from this guide the 101 benefits of using oregano oil.

2- كتاب فك شفرة الاعراض والامراض:

It is a note that goes deep into every physical and psychological problem that modern man suffers from.

3- كتاب اطلق قوة الشفاء بداخلك:

Learn through this book about the author of the original idea in Tapping treatments, Dr. Roger Callahan

4- Oreganol Superstrength 1 oz 30 ml:

Oregano oil with its double strength is an edible blend of wild spices grown in soils rich in natural minerals.

5- Hempanol Superstrength 1 oz 30 ml:

Hempanol is the highest grade of whole food available extracted from organic hemp that we can use to support the needs of the body, it's natural, organic and wild.

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