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Kids Package

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kids package

It contains 3 products:

kid-e-kare Kids-C Plus

Kid-e-Kare Orega-cinn

kid-e-kare OregaWell

Kids-C provides the unique powers of a natural source of vitamin C, plus stored flavonoids, as found in nature. It contains vitamin C plus flavonoids. It's pure for kids - without additives, colorants, chemicals, or GMOs.

How to use:

Take four drops for your daily serving of a complete vitamin C supplement.

Kid -e-kare Orega cinn

Oregano oil is the perfect wild oregano formula for babies. Both oils of oregano and cinnamon contain health-supporting properties. With its pleasant taste, it is ideal for babies and sensitive adults. Use every day for best results.

How to use:

Drip 10 or more drops daily or as needed. Mix in milk, juice, water, or food

kid-e-kare OregaWell

This is the formula for wild thyme P73 for babies. Gel-e-kare Gelcaps are made using certified wild oregano oil, cumin oil, sage oil, and ginger oil. It is specially designed for babies, plus it is easy to swallow its small size, making it comfortable and easy for children. The gel contents can also be mixed with food.

How to use:

One capsule daily with meals. Increase the dose as needed.

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