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Visponder- Brain

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We hope you like physics. Then here is the more detailed explanation of how the ViSponders® works. The ViSponder® uses what surrounds us all permanently: electromagnetic fields. These fields occur naturally since every living organism constantly converts energy and thus creates a permanent electromagnetic field. This is measurable: the frequencies that our brain produces, for example, can be measured using an EEG. At the same time, organisms are bioenergetically open systems. That means: different electromagnetic fields communicate through electromagnetic waves with each other. In this case, for example, data is read out or transferred from one field to another. The electromagnetic waves each oscillate at different frequencies – individual organisms or organs have inherently defined frequencies. The number of oscillations of electromagnetic waves per second equals the frequency, stated in the unit Hertz (Hz). Our planet earth has a frequency of 7.83 Hertz. It leads to more well-being if we swing in unison with it. The right frequencies are elementary for us. They determine how well we feel or how efficient we perform. That is the reason why we loaded several body-equal frequencies on the different ViSponders® – and they are supplemented with additional subtle structures. In the right combination for different areas of the body. If the ViSponder® is close to your body, a constant comparison via the electromagnetic fields takes place. The ViSponder® identifies every millisecond how it can support your body in the selected areas. It then reflects your frequencies in structured and enriched form. He thus brings this physical area into the currently best possible condition. 

What is unique about the ViSponder®? Bracelets with a function already exist. It is a careful combination that makes the ViSponder® so unique: body-equal frequencies, additional selected subtle structures, regular synchronization between body and ViSponder® as well as the constant enriching and releasing of frequencies to the body. This is the only reason why the ViSponder® can make a proven impact. Background: It is well known today, from a scientific point of view, which frequencies, or subtle Structures (or: data) our body needs to be efficient – for example regarding athletically, cognitively or related to the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, every ViSponder® carries the data relevant for a specific area. A team of therapists and medical professionals have been working a long time on what data the perfect package for each area must be packed with. The different compositions were checked and changed repeatedly – until they were perfect. This has been confirmed by the studies of the Institute for Sports Science and Health Management Meppen/Münster.

What do the terms body-equal frequencies and subtle structures mean? Body-equal frequencies are frequencies that the human body (or individual areas or organs) naturally possesses. Every human brain for example has the same frequency – it does not differ from person to person. The subtle structures are also about frequencies. However, they are not body equal. Each material (such as a supplement) brings its own frequency. Both are important for our body. That is why we have both forms of frequencies programmed onto the ViSponder®. That is why we also distinguish them linguistically

Can I wear several bracelets at the same time to strengthen more than just one area? It is possible, but we do not recommend it. Your body and the ViSponder® ideally concentrate on one area for a specified period of time before moving on to another.

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