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الأهرامات حول العالم وأهرامات البوسنة المفقودة

  • Brand: Al-Rashed Center
  • Publisher: الإبداع الفكري
  • Author: د. سام عصماناجيتش

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Everything we have learned about ancient history is wrong: the origin of mankind, civilizations and pyramids, and history books must be rewritten. The pyramids were built in the midst of all these civilizations, and there is no coincidence. In order to properly understand these wonderful structures, we must carefully examine aspects of physics, energy and spirituality, and only then will the magic of archeology teach us how to learn from the past, which helps us in solving the accumulated problems of contemporary civilization. Modern archaeological discoveries change our understanding of the beginnings of human civilizations, and when the beginnings change, a change will follow what follows these beginnings

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