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Spooky2 Central Single Generator Kit with Phanotron Tube

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Spooky2 is the most highly advanced and versatile Rife system in the world. It’s been developed since 2013 by an international team of electronics engineers, technical designers, software developers, and Rife practitioners. SmartsWay Spooky2 is an effective device in generating the frequencies you want. This device in comparison to others has a large amount of accessories that work with it.

This is currently the MOST powerful Rife machine and ultimate weapon that targets chronic or serious diseases.

It’s a modern-day Rife system that applies Royal Rife’s original frequencies directly without a carrier. This method was originally used by Royal Rife to save 16 patients.

This kit combines Spooky2 Central with other essential accessories, Spooky2-XM generator, and Spooky2 Plasma Phanotron Tube. They are all designed to work perfectly together.

This kit is best for users who have already started with Remote or Contact mode energy balancing and want to add Spooky2 Central to their setup to expand their energy balancing options.

* Note: The Spooky2 software requires Windows.

* Starting in the beginning of 2023, SmartsWay Technologies will provide annual subscriptions that enable you to benefit from several programs related to all the devices. You can book your subscription from now through:

* Disclaimer: The products and information on this website are for experimental and education purposes only, and are not intended to replace the medical advice, diagnosis, or recommendations of your physician or healthcare provider. This site makes no claims that products, therapies, or services herein will cure disease.

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