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Terms & Conditions

1- Reliability of the information provided by clients

The customer acknowledges that the Al-Rashed Franchise Company has the right to review the data provided and verify it for any reason.

2- The customer shall be responsible for the following:

Maintain confidentiality of the password, registration password and account information.

Financial accounting for all uses of the website by the customer or any other person who uses the customer's password and registration information.

- Not to use websites to publish or broadcast any illegal information, threats, defamation of others, discredit them, spread obscene or immoral behavior, or incite chaos, pornography or sexual material, materials that are subject to legal accountability, or acts that encourage criminal acts or violate laws Applicable or any unlawful or unauthorized purpose under the terms and conditions of use.

3- Promotional data

The MyShop site will be updated continuously by adding all information releases, offers or promotional campaigns, provided that these offers, programs or promotional campaigns are subject to the terms, restrictions, and related terms recorded on the websites. Al-Rashed Franchise reserves the right to amend or withdraw the issue, offer or promotional campaign at any time.

4- The availability of online shopping

All websites are available around the world to anyone who has access to the Internet. Despite that, these websites may not be available continuously due to maintenance or repairs, or due to any computer problems, malfunctions or interruption of internet service, or other unforeseen circumstances. The websites contain information about our products and services around the world, taking into account that this information is not available in all sites. Also, referring to any service or product does not guarantee the availability of the service or product on our website. The purpose of placing the website content with advertising content is to display the suitability and legality of using the content in accordance with specific laws and regulations, and in the event that a product or service is not authorized by law, then the offer of the service or product becomes void.

5- Protection of online requests

When a customer applies online to obtain accounts or services, the customer must provide the necessary personal information so that we can review the request and complete the procedures. To ensure the confidentiality of your request, the information sent to us will be saved in the secure area. As for the transactions made using the credit card, the subscriber must use his credit card. Kuwait Telecom Company will not be held responsible for any credit card fraud or fraud. In the event of tampering or fraud when using the credit card, the subscriber shall bear the responsibility for that alone and he must prove the denial himself.

6- Copyright

All versions and products displayed on our site are protected by intellectual property rights laws, so it is prohibited to use them in any way or to reproduce, publish and distribute them.

7- Pay online

All payments made on the MyShop website are made by credit card or by bank transfer or Western Union. Al-Rashed Franchise reserves the right not to deliver or ship purchases if the identity verification process is not completed and the requirements specified in accordance with the company's policy are not met.

8- Support

Al-Rashed Franchise Company makes every effort to provide the best services to customers on its MyShop website and provides support to them in line with their needs via the Internet. Clients can communicate via WhatsApp at the Customer Service Center number: 00447367188086, or by applying through the website.

9- Prices and merchandise

The price list or suggested prices offered for publications and products represents the full and specified retail price for the product from the publisher unless otherwise stated. In the event that there are exclusive prices on the site only, a mark will be placed on the product. On the other hand, when none of the products are available, a "unavailable" tag will appear on the product data page.

10- Disputes.

All transactions made through the website https://www.myshop.ac are subject to arbitration under the laws of the State of Kuwait and in accordance with the principles of Islamic Sharia. In the event that no settlement of any claim or dispute is reached amicably between the Al-Rashed Franchise Company and the customer regarding the purchases or services that are sold, the dispute will be settled finally by the courts of the State of Kuwait.