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About Us

MyShop is a website specialized in electronic marketing for the publications of Al-Rashed Center publications and other publications specialized in self-development from senior specialists and the most famous international trainers.

   This mission is distinguished by the Al-Rashed Center throughout the world. He produced materials in the Arabic language that Arab and Arab communities were and still need badly. An earlier version appeared in an earlier version released: The growth was apparent in the previous image, in 1995, and a previous one appeared in previous releases of Arab albums.

  The center has produced audio, visual and written publications at a high level of technology, quality and beauty, and it is the best in the whole world in terms of quality, beauty and creativity, and everything that came out in the current market followed the method that Dr. Salah Al-Rashed at Al-Rashed Center. Markaz’s albums are still the best-selling until the release of "Be Rest assured", which was more than 14 years old, recorded a continuous increase, as well as the album "How to Become an Optimist", which recorded thirteen albums in the first, and it is expected that sales of 3 million albums currently. The center continues to produce new and distinguished. The multiplicity of up to many versions of the center at the time, and the EmWave device ... etc.


the message

    "Providing high quality in human development of high quality in form and content"

The vision

To be the best websites that export the specialized and foreign environment specialized in human development.

general aims

1- Marketing materials (audio, visual, reading and writing) in the fields of human development.

2- Increase the company's sales of issuances.

3- Building a database.

4- Using the latest technological methods to market sound and sound.